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For the needs of suffering and persecuted Christians of the Middle East


"Always”, says St Peter, “be ready to give a defence to everyone who asks you the reason for the hope that is in you" (1Pet 3.15).  True glory and joy are found in an eternal life prepared for all who live in, and for, love and peace.


As I settle down to write to you (16 Feb), an email from a brother bishop gives confirmation of yet more brutal murders of Christians, this time young Coptic Christians in Libya at the hands of Daesh (IS).  Theirs are the most recent deaths in a mounting and clear atmosphere in diverse places around the world where suffering and persecution are inflicted on those who follow Christ, who have heard and obeyed Christ’s command to live in, and for, love and peace.  Then suddenly another email arrives, from elsewhere in the same region:  “We are so alarmed about what is happening around us with barbarism reaching the point of no return!”  Reaching no return.  And, of course, as Christians we cannot be mindful of the wounds being inflicted on the body of Christ without also knowing the closeness of the Church, a very precious closeness, to all the aid workers, journalists, medical staff, and others whose lives and deaths are also being made the focus of brutal pain and dehumanizing terror.  Nor can we forget Jesus’s command, ‘Pray for people who persecute you!’ (Matt 5.44)


For Christians, the suffering and persecution of our fellow Christians is something that we cannot help but recall every single time we celebrate and receive the Body of the Lord.  ‘When one member suffers, all suffer with it.’ (1Cor 12.26)  At every Eucharist we hear their cry, we touch their wounds, we feel their plight and experience their loss.  This is the reality of the Risen Body we share:  our body.  Our own General Synod heard testimony of this reality when it welcomed Archbishop Bashar Warda of Irbil (northern Iraq) just last week.


And how shall we respond?  with prayer, daily prayer, and with solidarity and with support.  And that is why I have chosen this year to focus the Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Lent Appeal on the pressing and mounting needs of the persecuted Church, especially in the Middle East.  There are relatively few Anglicans in that particular region:  but what popes and others have called ‘the ecumenism of martyrdom’ has given the Christians new depths of mutual solidarity and communion in faith.  They are in this defining adversity together.


I want to appeal to you, as individuals and as parishes, to take this cause seriously to heart, in your prayers, in your imaginations, and in your practical support and giving.  If possible, even at this late stage in preparation for Lent (which begins on Wednesday), make this appeal the Focus of your parish and your personal Lenten almsgiving.  Long experience of the work of Aid to the Church in Need ( , a Catholic aid agency, who in the Middle East work direct with the larger local churches like Archbishop Warda’s Chaldean Catholic Church, has led me to highlight their work, and channel any funds we gather through them.  The collections from all this year’s Chrism Masses will go into our response too.


The Ebbsfleet parishes are used to feeling a real solidarity with one another;  let us extend that gift to our brothers and sisters, displaced and threatened, in the Middle East. 


With every blessing:

+ Jonathan Ebbsfleet


Hill House, Caversham


You can give, individually, or as a parish at the end of Lent, via the Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Mission Fund: The Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Mission Fund Hill House, Tree Tops, The Mount, Caversham, Reading, RG4 7RE BACS to: The Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Mission Fund, Barclays Bank Account No: 30312991 — Sort Code: 20-01-09 Please give ‘Lent Appeal’ as the reference.


Bishop’s Representatives announced

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To all clergy and laity looking to the See of Ebbsfleet


Dear Fathers, dear Brothers and Sisters: dear Friends


Very soon after coming into post last year, I realised that to promote our life together in the future, and to help us take our part in the life and structures of the Church of England, I needed to restructure the liaison capacity between myself and the thirteen dioceses related to the See of Ebbsfleet.  Therefore, in common with the Bishops of Richborough and Beverley (and the other bishops who minister to petitioning and other parishes), I have created a new role of Bishop’s Representative replacing the former regional deans of Forward in Faith.


After a period of consultation with clergy and laity across the area, including diocesan bishops, I have made the following appointments. 


Bath & Wells                       Fr Julian Laurence

Birmingham                      Fr Oliver Coss

Bristol                                   Fr Dexter Bracey

Coventry                             Fr Kit Dunkley

Derby                                    Bp Roger Jupp

Exeter                                   Fr Will Hazlewood and Fr Robin Eastoe

Gloucester                           The Bishop pro tem

Hereford                              The Bishop pro tem

Lichfield                               Fr Mark McIntyre and Fr Derek Lloyd

Oxford                                  Fr David Harris

Salisbury                             Fr Richard Harper

Truro                                    Fr Sam Philpott

Worcester                            Fr Mike Bartlett


The appointment is for three years, and is renewable thereafter. 


Each Representative’s preferred means of being contacted appears on the Society website:


The primary purpose is to enable me to have a local liaison point, a person who already ministers as a priest of the local diocesan family.  My hope is that having this kind of colleague will support—not in any way detract from—my relationship with the clergy and the parishes that identify with The Society, and give greater capacity to our life together in Christ.  The Representative will have my confidence, and is there as a support for you as well as for me.


Together the Representatives will constitute the Ebbsfleet Council of Priests, a body which meets three or four times a year to promote all aspects of the communion and mission of the See of Ebbsfleet.  The vice-chairman will remain Fr Ross Northing.


The role-specification of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Representative includes inter alia:


  • acting as the Bishop’s officer in the diocese
  • liaising with the diocesan bishop and the diocesan officials, and with clergy of The Society and the diocese as required
  • supporting and advising churchwardens and parishes in vacancy as required
  • representing the Bishop to others in the diocese, and them to him
  • relating to Parishes that have affiliated to The Society
  • identifying isolated members of the laity who do not belong to a parish affiliated to the Society, and determine with the Bishop how they can be ministered to
  • monitoring resolutions passed under the House of Bishops Declaration
  • liaising with the local branch of Forward in Faith members (and in particular with the clerical chairman of the Forward in Faith branch)


Please pray for them, encourage them, and use them.  And bring to their attention any matter that you believe to be important to help us thrive in the Church of England in the years to come.


+ Jonathan

Bishop promotes Society Bishops’ Pastoral Letter

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Bishop Jonathan has distributed to all the clergy in the parishes under his oversight the following Pastoral Letter ahead of services this coming Sunday.   The bishop writes:

Dear Friends:   

As was widely expected, the General Synod approved on Monday the package of measures that, together with the House of Bishops Declaration, forms the new framework which enables those of us who cannot receive the ministry of women as priests and bishops to live — and, so we hope, to thrive — in the Church of England's life and structures when women have been ordained as bishops.

While we cannot but deeply regret the break in apostolic tradition to which the CofE has committed itself, and the further obstacle that that break must place in the way of overall unity with the Catholic and Orthodox communions;  at the same time, taken as a whole, the package is more helpful and robust than the arrangements that are currently in place, and creates a major possibility for sincere common prayer, mission, service and life together with other members of the CofE who are rejoicing in Monday’s decision. 

With the following Pastoral Letter, which Bishop Tony of Pontefract has signed on behalf of all the Council of Bishops of The Society — myself included — we can begin to look forward with a more realistic and settled hope "to a time of greater stability in which, by the grace of almighty God, we can all focus, with renewed energy, on proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord, and on witnessing to him as we serve our local communities and our nation”.   


Please share the Pastoral Letter with anyone to whom you think it will bring encouragement. 

in the Lord:
+ Jonathan Ebbsfleet

The Commemoration of John Keble, 14 July 2014

The approval of the Women Bishops legislation brings to an end a decade of debate about what provision should be made for those who are unable, for theological reasons, to receive the ministry of women as priests and bishops.

In the earlier stages of that debate we offered the Church of England a vision of how provision could be made with full ecclesiological integrity not just for us but also for the Church of England as a whole. It is now clear that the reality will be shaped differently, and will fall short of our ideal.

None the less, we believe that we can have confidence in our future as catholics who are called to live out our Christian vocation in the Church of England, maintaining a distinctive witness to the quest for the unity of the Church. The House of Bishops’ Declaration embodies a commitment to enabling us to flourish within the Church of England’s life and structures. It does so because our theological convictions about ministry and ordination remain within the spectrum of Anglican teaching and tradition. As Resolution III.2 of the 1998 Lambeth Conference stated, ‘those who dissent from, as well as those who assent to, the ordination of women to the priesthood and episcopate are both loyal Anglicans’.  The Declaration assures us that bishops will continue to be consecrated within the Church of England who can provide episcopal ministry that accords with our theological convictions. It makes provision for parishes to gain access to that episcopal ministry by passing a new resolution, supported by a Resolution of Disputes Procedure established by regulations made under Canon, with an Independent Reviewer. We will be offering advice and resources
to parishes to assist with this.

We note that bishops’ authority to exercise episcopal functions comes from their ordination as bishops, and that that authority is distinct from the legal authority that they receive by delegation from the diocesan bishop. The debate over the nature of provision for our future life as catholics within the Church of England has helped us to focus on this important point with greater clarity.

The Society will have a crucial role to play in providing a continuing sacramental life in which parishes, clergy and people are in full and uninterrupted communion with the bishop who ministers to them, and with each other. We will ensure that parishes receive support in articulating the theological convictions that the Society exists to embody and, where necessary, in participating in the  Resolution of Disputes Procedure.

As your bishops, we want to thank you for your faithfulness during this long period of uncertainty. Now that the debate about provision is over and the House of Bishops’ Declaration is in place, we can look forward to a time of greater stability in which, by the grace of almighty God, we can all focus, with renewed energy, on proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord, and on witnessing to him as we serve our local communities and our nation.

On behalf of the Council of Bishops

The Rt Revd Tony Robinson 
Bishop of Pontefract, Chairman

Heavenly Father, Bless the bishops, clergy and people of The Society.  Bind us together in love and faith.  Renew us in service and witness.  And by your Holy Spirit Guide our future and make plain your purposes.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Saint Wilfrid, pray for us.  Saint Hilda, pray for us.

Download the pastoral letter from the council of Bishops

Bishop Jonathan encourages parishes to prepare for Synod in prayer

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Some of you will already know, but others not, that Dr Lindsay Newcombe has prepared and publicised material for a period of 9 days’ prayer before the momentous discussions which will take place at the upcoming York Synod.  That Synod as a whole, and the Catholic Group in particular, need to sense the Church’s prayerful support for their far-reaching debates and decisions, and the grace of God to speak and act for the good of the whole body of the Church of England.


Dr Newcombe, in her introduction, has written:


“The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are encouraging people throughout the dioceses and parishes to pray for the work and life of the General Synod meeting Friday 11th-Tuesday 15th July 2014. You are invited to join in the Novena movement of prayer which incorporates the words prepared by the Archbishops.  A novena is nine days of prayer for a particular intention but don’t worry if you have missed some, join-in whenever you can.


During this meeting the Synod will come, for a second time, to a Final Approval vote on a package to introduce women in the Episcopate in the Church of England.


We should pray for our General Synod members whenever they meet.  It is particularly important at this meeting because the outcomes of this process have the potential to shape the pattern of our life together in the Church of England, influence our journey to unity with the worldwide Church, and give us an opportunity to show a divided world a way to live together despite differences.


The process that has led to these proposals has been based on a desire to work together with trust. Pray that the synod meeting is characterised by trust, love, and humility.


I initiated Novena because, as a member of General Synod, I know we all need to be surrounded by prayer.  Please pray for all attending General Synod this week.”



Therefore, I encourage you to join your prayers to the prayers of many others, using the Novena of prayer, seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance and protection for the life and witness of our Church.


+ Jonathan

Bishop’s new Executive Assistant starts work

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Dear Friends who look to See of Ebbsfleet:


I am delighted to be able to announce that, after a process of advertisement and selection, my new executive assistant– Catherine Butler – will begin work this Tuesday here in the Ebbsfleet Office in Reading.   Over the next few weeks I hope that clergy, churchwardens and many other colleagues will be in touch with her, or she with them, as she begins her time as part of the Ebbsfleet family.


Catherine has a great deal of experience in church-related administration.  Most recently, since 2007, she has been Canons’ PA at Westminster Abbey providing support for the four chapter canons who, together with the Dean, are responsible for the running of the Abbey.   Prior to that (working backwards), Catherine worked for the Directors of Chaplaincy and of Justice & Welfare at the Mission to Seafarers, as PA to the diocesan Bishop in Europe, and as a PA at Church House, Westminster.  The daughter of a now-retired priest in County Durham, Catherine studied Theology at St David’s University College, Lampeter.  In 2013, she co-founded a network of PAs within the Westminster and Whitehall area and also won PA of the Year Runner-up in a national award for PAs.  In her free time, she enjoys visiting historic buildings and art galleries, reading and spending time with family and friends.  She lives in Guildford.


Of her new appointment and future work, Catherine said:  “I am absolutely delighted to have been selected for this role.   Bishop Jonathan and I were colleagues working for the Bishop in Europe, and I know what gifts he is bringing to the See of Ebbsfleet.   I am pleased to be able to support him in this vital ministry, and I look forward to getting to know the priests and parishes under Bishop Jonathan’s care.  This is an exciting new chapter in my life and I relish the challenge of working together with my new colleagues for the good of the whole Church.”


This also gives Sarah and me the opportunity to record our warmest thanks to Carol Winchcombe, whose warm, steady and unflappable manner as my temporary PA has helped me settle into new working routines over the last five months and to find my feet as a new bishop.   We wish her and her family every blessing in the future.


+ Jonathan






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