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Vicar, Saint Philip and Saint James, Up Hatherley

28th Jan 2019

The Church Union, as patrons, together with the Bishop of Gloucester seek to appoint a mission-minded traditional Catholic Priest fully committed to mutual flourishing.  Pastoral and Sacramental oversight of the parish has been entrusted to the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.


Firmly rooted in serving its parish, and with a clear commitment to reaching out to all people with the love of God, the parish seeks a Priest who:

  •  will be an enabler and encourager, who will help build up the people of God, deepen their Christian discipleship, and strengthen outreach and mission in the community;
  • have a heart for the parish and its people of all ages and backgrounds and be committed to see the Church grow;
  • be a Priest of the Society or of the Society of the Holy Cross, rooted in modern Anglo-Catholic worship but with a generous welcome to all, and open to the riches of other styles of worship.
Bishop Jonathan writes:

For all parish churches, especially single parish churches like St Philip and St James's, mission today is in a widely diverse society.  Outreach to children and young people with the joy and hope of the gospel remains a primary task, in any age.  But for the foreseeable future, and a bit paradoxially, in our age the gospel must be shared in a society that is overall becoming increasingly older.  So the mission could not be wider, and our vision has to be broad.


As the congregation looks to that future mission, and to welcoming the priest that God will bring to Up Hatherley, they have, in my experience of them, three great assets.  First, they have a genuine sense of invitation and warmth of hospitality; and second a deeply rooted sacramental life.  (The recent imaginative re-furnishing of the church is a sign of both of these.)  Third, there's a willing and collaborative relationship with the other parishes in South Cheltenham, which gives ample opportunity for mutual flourishing.  We need therefore, a confident priest, rooted in Catholic tradition, who understands that the Church is 'mission-shaped' because it is 'sacrament-shaped': that the sacraments taken together are the mission strategy of a constantly celebrated and constantly widened life in Christ's body.  That would be a real gift worth sharing with the LIFE vision of the wider diocesan family, and I hope that it is a challenge and a call that you can share.


For an informal conversation about this post.  Please contact:


The Chairman of the Church Union, Fr Darren Smith, 0121 382 5533, 07956 440 669, or


The Archdeacon of Cheltenham, the Ven Phil Andrew, 01452 835 594 or 07498 052 045


The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, the Rt Revd Jonathan Goodall, 0118 948 1038 or


Application form and further details obtainable from the Church Union

the Diocese of Gloucester


Closing date for applications: 9am, 25th February 2019

Interviews: 20th March 2019

Up Hatherley Parish Profile

Priest in Charge, Swindon New Town

24th Jan 2019

Based in the centre of this vibrant and rapidly growing town, the three congregations of willing and committed people would welcome a prayerful priest for the Parish of Swindon New Town, which is under the alternative episcopal, sacramental and pastoral care of The Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

We seek a Priest of The Society who

· has enthusiasm and pastoral experience to work collaboratively to reach out to the wider community and encourage others to join the congregations;

· holds management and leadership skills to strengthen the unity of, and guide the parish into the future

· loves and cares for his people

· teaches the Christian faith

· celebrates the Sacraments in the Catholic tradition

· can work in partnership with neighbouring parishes for the strengthening of faith and the enrichment of worship.

The parish offers a very committed team of people, which aims to ensure that the priest will be free to carry out his vital work, unencumbered by day-to-day administration.


Applications are welcome from BAME candidates.



For an application pack and guidance notes, please visit the Diocese of Bristol's website:


Closing date: 6 February 2019

Familiarisation and Interviews: 5 & 6 March 2019

Swindon New Town Parish Profile

St Mary and St John Camp Hill (Nuneaton): Vicar on an Interim Ministry Basis

23rd Jan 2019

We welcome applications from priests in the Anglo-Catholic tradition registered with The Society (or who are willing to do so) and who:

  • Are a positive role model to the congregation and wider Diocese in growing a healthy church in the Anglo-Catholic tradition in an area undergoing significant regeneration, with the Eucharist at the heart of worship, contributing to the already positive influence Society churches are bringing to the health and diversity of the wider Diocese;
  • Value and enjoy working in schools, maintaining current links and can translate that into reaching and attracting young families;
  • Can lead the church into a vibrant new future, including some major renovation, refurbishment and possible re-building of parts of the church plant to enhance church growth and community development initiatives;
  • Do not mind starting with a small base of people;
  • Are able to laugh, have fun and be part of the local community.

Bishop Jonathan writes:


The parish of St Mary and St John Camp Hill has plenty of challenges: that much will be plain from the parish profile.  But they are genuinely opportunities and advantages for any priest who is confident (and who wants to grow in confidence) as a pastor and teacher, willing to cultivate, very deliberately, trustful friendships across any frontiers.


Church life and early priestly ministry on the Camp Hill estate fifty or sixty years ago played important part in the development of the community; and those links have begun to be re-energized recently as the authorities, and the community itself, has invested new-found ‘Pride in Camp Hill’ (, putting behind a history of decline after the end of the local coal industry and looking to the future.


Therefore, we need a priest – whether you’re entering your first incumbency or you’re already more experienced – who can be an imaginative teacher of a congregation with a hunger to be guided and taught, and a missionary in a changing context and community.  As Bishop Christopher has mentioned, an essential part of the church’s outreach is the recently renewed relationships with the local primary school.


The single most important legacy from previous years is the centrality of the sacramental moments and rhythms in parish life.  And, therefore, we need – and I, as bishop with oversight, need – a priest who believes that Church is ‘mission-shaped’ because it is ‘sacrament-shaped’: missionary because sacramental.  That Christian life and learning, Christian evangelism and wider mission is a constantly celebrated, constantly deepened life in Christ’s body.


Finally, I want to echo Bishop Christopher’s endorsement of the witness of the catholic tradition parishes within the Diocese of Coventry.  It’s a positive and strong and fellowship of able and imaginative priests and parishes that will be an essential network and encouragement for you, if as I hope, you’re considering seriously whether God is calling you here.



Informal conversations welcome.  Please contact:

Archdeacon Missioner, Ven Morris Rodham, 07506 731 892 or


the Acting Area Dean, Rev Kate Massey, 024 7637 2089 or


the Bishop of Ebbsfleet's representative, Fr Dexter Bracey, 024 7671 1687 or


Completed applications to be sent to the Archdeacons' Administrative Assistant, Joe Grayson -


Closing date for applications: noon, Friday 15th February 2019

Interviews: 26th and 27th February 2019


An application form can be downloaded from the Diocese of Coventry's website:

Camp Hill Parish Profile


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