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Vicar (0.5), St Peter's, Rickerscote, Stafford

12th Jun 2019


The PCC wish to appoint a strongly mission midend and pastorally hearted priest of the Catholic tradition.


Key factors include:

  • to preside at inspiring and encouraging worship
  • to further develop faith and discipleship
  • to maintain and extend relationships with schools in the parish
  • to encourage and expand interaction with all areas of the community
  • to strengthen the role of the laity
  • to participate in diocesan activities
  • to help attract newcomers, young and old, into the church.
The Bishop of Ebbsfleet writes:

In many ways St Peter’s Rickerscote is a modest and ordinary parish church.  A community church, serving a parish population of nine thousand in south Stafford, 52% of whom are under 45;  and including a largish housing estate, and which is among the 20% most deprived communities in England.  But of course there is no such thing as a small parish – both because human beings are never small (and nor are their various needs and difficulties), and even more importantly because God is not small.  And therefore apparently modest and ordinary parish churches like St Peter’s are called to offer a

big vision of humanity and of God, a big message of hope, and a big welcome to their locality.


This very simple vision, which is also a very great Christian vision – of the Church’s close

ness to ordinary people, especially those facing the challenges of personal and communal poverty – is what St Peter’s is committed to, resourced by strong Catholic traditions – in sacramental worship, in prayer and teaching, and in mutual service and outreach to the community.  And like many other such traditional communities they attract people from well outside their particular parish who seek a place of spiritual growth and encouragement.


And it is why we need an experienced priest, rooted and grounded in Catholic spiritual traditions, who has a sincere pastoral heart but also a lively missionary mind, for this resident half-time incumbency appointment.  The goal of ministry on such terms has to be enabling the ordinary members of the parish congregation to realise that all Christian disciples are missionaries, without exception;  and that all have spiritual gifts to equip them for that calling.  So we need a priest who can demonstrate his experience in nurturing, energizing and equipping the community not only as faithful worshippers, but also loving companions for one another, and welcoming and willing evangelists to others. 


As with many community parishes one particular ministry in the community is key – in schools, of which the parish has three.  They are precious hubs of a much wider network of parents, community agencies, and voluntary groups.  And a natural place for the service and message of the gospel to be seen and heard.

For an informal conversation, please contact the Bishop of Ebbsfleet: 0118 948 1038 or
For an application form, please contact the Bishop of Stafford: 01782 373 308 or
Closing date: 14th July 2019
Interviews: 26th July 2019

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