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Vicar: St Paul's Coven (House for Duty)

31st Mar 2018

The benefice is situated in the very pleasant semi-rural village community of Coven located in South Staffordshire on the North-West border of Wolverhampton.


The parish has passed a resolution under the House of Bishops' Declaration.


Bishop Jonathan writes:


The Christian community that has set out in this profile its call to priests who have been formed in the catholic tradition in the Church of England and are excited about its future, to join them in serving the Lord in Coven, has a strong sense of commitment to their wider community and hope for the future.


Among the fruits of Fr Lockey’s recent much-loved ministry here (2013-17) is the congregation’s openness both to the spiritual leadership and teaching of their parish priest, and to the needs and opportunities of the wider church. But the able and diverse laity have a growing sense also of the shared mission of clergy and people, and of the challenge of community evangelism. They are imaginative and forward-looking in terms of communication and outreach, dedicated to growing in and sharing with others the rich spiritual treasures of catholic faith, worship and evangelism, to meeting human need, and to supporting one another as a real family in Christ.


I pray that as you read you will remain open to the possibility that it is indeed you whom God is calling, and that if he is then you will apply so that we have the opportunity to take the conversation further.


We’re praying for you – please pray for us.




Enquiries and application forms from the Archdeacon of Lichfield, the Ven Simon Baker.

Tel: 01543 306 145



All applicants should have 3 years' experience in the Church of England or another Anglican church in the British Isles.


Closing date: 13 April 2018

Familiarisation day: 27 April 2018

Interviews: 9 May 2018

North Potteries Team: Team Vicar (Designate)

26th Mar 2018

This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of shaping the new Team Ministry of the North Potteries Ministry along with the Team Rector (Designate).  All 3 parishes of the proposed team ministry have passed the Declaration according to the House of Bishops Resolution and are under the episcopal oversight of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.


Initially the Team Vicar will work in the parish of S. Werburgh, Burslem, and later in the parish of Holy Trinity, Sneyd, as well.  Subject to a pending pastoral scheme, these two parishes are joining with the parish of S. Saviour, Smallthorne in mid-2018 and are looking to the future to build on the past.


Bishop Jonathan writes:


We often speak of God’s faithfulness – and about our Christian faithfulness as mirroring his.  St Werbergh’s is a place where the sheer abiding faithfulness of God has been clearly at work.  The lay people of this community – like those at the other churches who are due, soon, to be part of the North Potteries Team Ministry – have a deep double loyalty:   to the inheritance of Anglo-Catholic faith and practice as their inspiration, and to the people of their neighbourhood and their needs.  They are deeply embedded in the kinds of community the Church finds hard to reach, in a part of Stoke that has changed much in recent decades.


We need a priest who can guide this community confidently into a period of renewal, outreach and growth, growing closer to their fellow Christians at St Saviour and Holy Trinity, and renewing the catholic and sacramental approach to mission and evangelism – which is not only the hope of the parish but a declared need of the whole deanery.  You would be working in a supportive grouping of catholic parish clergy and deanery colleagues, and ministering a much needed sense of hope and enterprise. 


We are praying for you as you read.


+ Jonathan


All applicants should have 3 years' experience in the Church of England or another Anglican Church in the British Isles.


Enquiries and application form from the Bishop of Stafford: the Right Reverend Geoff Annas.


Tel: 01782 373 308



Closing date: 15 April 2018

Interviews: 8 May 2018


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