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Parish Priest and Catholic Interfaith Lead; All Saints, Small Heath

31st May 2017

The Bishop and Patronage Board are looking to make a creative new appointment to this parish under the care of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.  This new role combines being parish priest to this historic catholic parish in urban Birmingham with joining the Director of Interfaith Relations, Canon Dr Andrew Smith.  In both parts of the role particular priorites will be shaped around the gifts of the individual appointed.


The parish are praying for a priest who will:

- Prayerfully and practically live out the gospel;

- Preach in ways accessible to a divese congregation and context;

- Nourish the traditional Anglo-Catholic ministry


The diocesan role (1 day / week) will include:

- growing interfaith capacity amongst Catholic parishes;

- supporting and growing work amongst all Presence and Engagement parishes;

- developing catholic theology, spirituality and practice to inform and enhance interfaith engagement.


Bishop Jonathan writes:

The mission priorities in the profile make it abundandly clear that All Saints needs a priest who really inhabits - and enjoys - the catholic tradition.  We need a priest, of whatever age, who is at home in catholic life, in his prayers and faith and service of others, and is confident inviting others to make it their home and invest themselves in its life.  It is urban catholic ministry with rich rewards for those called to such a ministry.


But it is more.  The presence in the parish, as in other places in Birmingham diocese, of many people of other faiths, brings a new challenge to the hospitality of the Gospel.  Laity and clergy need to be equipped to reach out effectively from the liveliness of their own faith, and to build bridges in order to strengthen the local community.  Whether or not this has been a feature of your experience in ministry to date, you would be supported in this aspect of the mission priorities here.  But we hope it will be the overflow of the catholic identity of the parish and have something to offer to the wider diocesan family too.


We are all praying - the parish, the Diocese, and I are praying - that you might be the priest whom God is calling.  Please tell us.


With our prayers and our hopes:

+ Jonathan


Closing date: Friday 9 June 2017

Interviews: Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 June 2017


Full details and information from Ben Franks:


Interested candidates are welcome to contact the Archdeacon of Aston, Ven Simon Heathfield, for further conversation 07769 187 435 or or the Bishop of Ebbsfleet 0118 948 1038

Vicar, St Mark's Ocker Hill, Tipton

31st May 2017

We are looking for a priest who


- Intends to stay in the Church of England and who will maintain the Catholic tradition of this resolution parish, rooting it firmly within the life of the Diocese.

-  Is a warm-hearted individual, with a sense of humour, who will be a good visitor and who will become well known in the community, as well as by the congregation.

-  Someone who will be able to develop lay ministry, and to guide and encourage the

congregation in their outreach to all sections of the community, especially the sick and housebound.

- Someone who would maintain and develop contacts with the local schools.

-  As the Church serves an Urban Priority Area, someone who could develop Direct Giving in order to ensure a sound financial base for the parish’s ministry and mission, and to restore a proper financial support of the work of the Church overseas.

-  In addition, a person willing to explore and develop ways of working in collaboration with neighbouring priests and parishes within the deanery and Ebbsfleet cluster.


Bishop Jonathan writes:


Go! baptize! teach!


I am delighted to have been entrusted with the oversight of St Marks, and to have received recently from the dedicated congregation a characteristically warm and generous Black Country welcome.  The same welcome awaits whoever is appointed as parish priest.


The pastoral priority herewhether in church, or on the streets, in homes and schoolsis as clear and simple as it is profound, and very similar to parishes across the Church of England:  to obey the Lord by making disciples, and building a community of hope. However near or far people feel they are from the Churchs life, the task is to enliven their spirits, communicate Jesuss call, and enable them to act on it.   What will be different here is that the new priest will have a vision for how this challenge can be met in a large estate parish, finding partnerships not only in the immediate congregation, but also in the deanery, in the Ebbsfleet connection across the diocese, and among other urban estates-based clergy, developing local leadership and creating appropriate resources to support points of growth.


It’s a place where priesthood will be stretched and can be satisfied.  I hope you will consider discerning with us whether this is God’s call to you


+ Jonathan Ebbsfleet


Enquiries and application forms via the Archdeacon of Walsall:


Closing date: Midday, Tuesday 13 June 2017

Familiarisation day: Monday 19 June 2017

Interviews: Wednesday 12 July 2017



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