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Priest in Charge, St John the Evangelist, Clevedon

10th Oct 2016

Situated in North Somerset this coastal town parish is close to countryside as well as major towns and city.  St John's has a rich history of Anglo-Catholic tradition which it wishes to retain.


We seek a priest who will

  • engage in the challenge of revitalising our parish;
  • be comfortable with different styles and settings of worship within our tradition;
  • be an excellent communicator and listener showing compassion to encourage and minister to dffering age ranges and circumstances.

We are able to offer

  • a spacious 4 bedroom vicarage;
  • a lifestyle with easy access to city standard facilities;
  • support and encouragement of our PCC and congregations;
  • our desire to see our parish flourish and for you to be a part of us.

Bishop Jonathan writes:

"St John's Clevedon has a congregation with a strong faith and a genuine and open heart for God, and for their local community and town.  They are looking, hopefully and expectantly, to God to give them a committed and prayerful priest who has the core qualities to help them become a growing and sustainable parish community, rich in worship and fellowship, and rich in active service of the surrounding community.


After a period of careful discernment, shared by the congregation, the PCC has resolved that, on grounds of theological conviction, arrangements be made in accordance with the House of Bishops’ Declaration 2014. Whilst confirming this formal position for the sake of their unity, they have been very sensitive to individual differences of view among them – differences which have always been accepted, respected and valued; and they’re committed to deepening the unity which they have worked hard to foster. As a parish firmly in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, they want to rediscover and re-energise the essential qualities of the catholic tradition especially in bringing people to faith, in pastoral care, and of course in inspiring sacramental worship. They want to see a community of all ages, but want especially to reach out to young people and younger families.

It’s a vision and a contribution to the life of the church in the town which the Diocese is keen to support. We are therefore looking for a male priest, formed in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, with a passion for reaching the younger generations and inspiring the next generation of lay leaders. And you will have the freedom to try new things.

I am delighted that, in recognition of this commitment to unity and mission together, I have been entrusted by Bishop Peter with the oversight of St John’s and a share in its future. And I look forward to working alongside him, and the new parish priest and the worshipping community, to make St John’s a place where people’s encounter with Jesus Christ is real and life-changing for the people of Clevedon."


+ Jonathan Ebbsfleet


Closing date for applications: 30 October 2016;

Visit and interview dates: 16 and 17 November 2016


For full details and an application pack, please contact:


Mrs Denise Blake, PA to the Archdeacon of Bath,

56 Grange Road, Saltford, Bristol, BS31 3AG

Tel: 01225 873 609


Rector, St John the Baptist, Coventry

10th Oct 2016

St John the Baptist, Coventry, is rich in its history and Anglo-Catholic tradition and is wishing to be forward looking and wants to inspire the next generation of 20s-30s, who form 60% of the parish residential population.


Bishop Jonathan writes:

"When you hear the name Fleet Street, and the church that miraculously survived the Blitz, you’ll think first of London and St Paul’s Cathedral. But the same is true, perhaps even more inspiringly, of a church twice St Paul’s age – St John’s in the centre of Coventry, which has survived much over the centuries, and now stands we hope, by God’s grace, on the brink of a new and exciting chapter of its long witness to the catholic traditions of Christian faith and teaching, and distinctive catholic approaches to worship, to pastoral care and to service in the surrounding community.

It is a witness that the Bishop and the Diocese alike want to embrace, to see flourish and to invest in as part of the shared life of the Diocese; and it’s a witness that unites its congregation. So, for the right priest, the one whom God is calling (perhaps that’s you), who has energy and commitment to communicate the catholic traditions of the Church, and vision for ministry in particular to younger generations, this will be a very challenging and rewarding ministry, reaching into St John’s own youthful parish community, and out to the city’s many workers and visitors.

I am delighted to have been entrusted recently by Bishop Christopher with the oversight of this parish and a share in this future, and look forward to working alongside him, and the new parish priest and the worshipping community, to make St John’s a place where people’s encounter with Jesus Christ among his people is real and life-changing for many. If perhaps God is calling you to be that new parish priest, we look forward to hearing from you."


+ Jonathan Ebbsfleet


For further information, please contact the Area Dean, the Reverend Alison Evans ( or 024 7659 1994).


Application forms, the natural church development parish survey and information on the Acceler8 project can be downloaded from the Diocese of Coventry's website - or by contacting Stasi Kelly (


Closing date: noon, Friday 17 February 2017

Visit and interviews: Sunday (evening) 5 and Monday 6 March 2017


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