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The Parish of the Most Holy Trinity - Vacancy

1st Dec 2014

The Parish of the Most Holy Trinity 

Ettingshall Park, Wolverhampton


All resolutions passed and under the Episcopal care of the Bishop of Ebbsfleet. 

Full-time stipendiary priest for the innovative role of: 


Parish Priest (0.5) and Mission Adviser (0.5) to the Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Lichfield. 

» An exciting position for a priest with a heart for catholic mission. 

» Modern catholic liturgy. 

» Good four-bedroomed vicarage adjacent to church. 

» Church in excellent state of repair. 


The Bishop of Ebbsfleet writes:  “The Church is called to grow and to reach out – to make disciples, to baptise, and to teach them how to serve and to evangelize people who are often far from the Church.   It’s a challenge to traditional Catholic parishes of the Church of England as much as it is to all others, but their importance to the Church’s mission now, is clear from their effectiveness in the past.  The clergy and laity in them need to be supported and nurtured to meet the challenge.  This new post offers to the priest that can wholeheartedly embrace it a wonderful opportunity to work with Catholic parishes across a whole diocese, rooted your own praying community in Ettingshall, and to offer to the wider Church the fruit of that experience.” 


Applicants need to have satisfactorily completed IME 4-7, have a full driving licence and will be subject to an enhanced DBS disclosure. 


Click here to download the "Growing for Growth" in the Wolverhampton Episcopal Area PDF


Please click here to download an application form


Further details are available on the Lichfield Diocesan website 


Enquiries to the Archdeacon of Walsall’s Office 


Closing date: 12:00 Noon on 8th December 2014 

Familiarisation Day: 7th January 2015 

Interview: 14th January 2015 




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