All enquiries concerning the parishes listed below should be directed to the Bishop of Ebbsfleet's Office unless otherwise indicated. 
All appointments are of a parish priest unless otherwise stated. Details of the terms of the appointment are usually available with the parish details.

Vicar, The Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin, Nuneaton

St Mary's is a parish rich in its history and Anglo-Catholic tradition, with an iconic building and excellent school links.


Applications are welcome from priests in the Anglo-Catholic tradition registered with The Society, or who are willing do so, and who:


  • Are a positive role model to the congregation and wider Diocese in growing healthy churches in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, with the Eucharist at the heart of worship, contributing to the already positive influence Society churches are bringing to the health and diversity of the wider Diocese;
  • Sense God may be calling them to a congregation in reasonable health but one which needs support in areas which are currently weaker;
  • Value and enjoy working in schools, including being a governor, and can translate that work into reaching and attracting young families; and
  • Able to laugh and have fun with us and the local community!

Bishop Jonathan writes:

"Working together creatively in partnership - intentionally evangelizing at every step - is the most important mission strategy.  The key quality we shall want to see in the new parish priest is a capacity and willingness to put himself at the service of relationships and partnerships in and beyond the worshipping congregation.  It's when friends and partners are, in their diffierent ways, taking each other seriously and gratefully and interacting with each other, that relationships enable the Gospel to grow and that's where priestly leadership makes all the difference.  For the church and for this parish at this moment, we need priests who are willing to serve its relationships and partnerships with vision and delight.  I hope that priest is you.


+ Jonathan


Informal conversations welcome.  Please contact:

Archdeacon Missioner, Ven Morris Rodham, tel: 07506 731 892 or

Area Dean, Rev Frank Seldon, tel 024 76 34 64 13 or or

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet's Representative, Fr Dexter Bracey, tel: 024 76 71 16 87 or


Further details and an application form can be downloaded from the Diocesan website:


Closing Date: Friday 29 June 2018, 12.00 noon

Interviews: Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th July 2018