St Edmund, Dudley

There has been a church on the site of St Edmund’s Church in Dudley (also known as Bottom Church) for over 1,000 years! The original church was largely destroyed in the Civil War and was rebuilt in 1724.  When some of the floor needed to be removed, it was an opportunity to see what [...]

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Coventry Area Report

"..For I was hungry and you gave me food.." (Matthew 25:35). With these words Jesus commends the righteous who will be rewarded, and gives us an example of a practical ways in which we can express our faith. Ebbsfleet parishes in the diocese of Coventry seek to respond to the call to love our neighbour [...]

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New regular bilingual Mass in Swindon

An Ebbsfleet parish in the Bristol diocese has recently begun a monthly bilingual Mass in Konkani and English.  Konkani is the language of Goa, and is spoken by about seven million people worldwide.  Swindon has one of the largest Goan populations in the UK, at over 20,000 people, many of whom are first generation migrants.  [...]

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Playlist for Life

Playlist for Life for Dementia Friendly Church - Free Resources and Webinars Bring the power of a personalised playlist to people in your community. Playlist for Life is a UK-based personal music and dementia charity. We support churches with fantastic free resources to kickstart their dementia friendly church initiatives. Sign up for free resources [...]

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Ladyewell House

The Ladyewell House pathway for Anglo-Catholic ordinands to train for the sacred priesthood now has a specially created website,  giving full details of this really exciting initiative for Traditionalist Ordinands.   Please do share this as widely as possible so that we can get the news out that from 2022 this new pathway will be  [...]

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Fr Damian’s Advent Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It falls to me in this time of vacancy to write a note with the sincerest greetings for the coming Nativity of our Saviour, and to thank you for your faithfulness, holiness and sheer hard work at a time which has been difficult, isolating and challenging. Since the [...]

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